Saturday, August 28, 2010

THE FAMOUSE 1/1/1/1/1/!/!/!/one build. Most common build for upper level games that I have seen

This first video is a step by step tutorial commentated by ForceSC

Remember most top level players already know this build. So, if you really want to win games at the higher levels throwing in curve balls for deception is the key. This build is very versatile and that is the reason many upper level people use it.

Here is a video of a tutorial and execution of the 1/1/1 build commentated and played by HDsc

Part 1

Part 2

I have started linking the youtube pages of the people I've been linking.

And remember getting better at Starcraft requires practice, watching videos, and playing with good people.


  1. I really like your page... What is your CharCode? I'd love to play with you!

    Add me as a friend, and check out my blog as well!



  2. Starcraft is horribly over rated in my opinion.

  3. i'm going to try to modify this so i can use it in warcraft II. thanks in advance

  4. 1/1/1 is a pretty solid build which leaves all your options open. It's pretty good in most cases. Hard to defend against all-in's though.

  5. I try the 1/1/1 most of the time, but it's not easy to keep track of, I usually go for a 3 racks.